Hi Believers,

My name is Anna and I am the creator of Faith Meets Hustle.

My mission at Faith Meets Hustle is to fulfill my God-given purpose by helping teens and young adults take charge of their life through Faith, God, Goals, and Personal Development.

My vision is to provide one-on-one mentoring services to the disadvantaged and low income youth; and help reach their full potential by first helping them identify their strengths, next helping them find a career path based on one of their strengths, and then helping them create an action plan that will assist them in achieving their career goals.

Values: • Faith/Believer (in yourself and God) • Commitment • Persistence •Consistency

Why do I refer to people in my community as ‘BELIEVERS?’

I refer to my audience and people in the Faith Meets Hustle community as BELIEVERS because one of my values is being a BELIEVER. To be a Believer of Jesus Christ where you trust that Jesus is always working in your favor and that He can make the impossible, possible! You are also a BELIEVER of yourself! You know that you are capable of achieving any dream/goal that you have as long as you stay in faith, do the work, and stay consistent.

Why I decided to create Faith Meets Hustle? I

In 2018, I started to live more happy and fulfilled life once I developed a relationship with God and when I started taking action towards my goals. When I grew closer to God, He revealed my purpose to me is to guide people on how they can also live a life full of happiness and being fulfilled once they start having faith in the Lord and meeting Him half way.

I didn’t grow up religious. I knew about God. My dad taught my sister and I at a young age to always pray for our food before we ate. I went to church on and off through out my life, but it wasn’t consistent.

One of my 2018 New Year Resolutions was to develop a relationship with God. I was very determined so I created a spiritual regimen. Every morning, I would wake up around 5:30 am. I would get up, get into prayer position, tell God 3 things I was grateful for and then just pray. I did this every morning and soon my relationship with God grew. Our relationship felt more genuine and I started to talk to God about everything as if He was my best friend. With growing my relationship with God, I was also determined to turning more of my goals into reality. I remember the year prior, I had so many goals I set for myself. I was always talking about how I was going to do x, y, and, z. I was so excited! But then I realize at the end of the year, I did not accomplish any of my goals. I was just all talk with no action behind my words. Which is why going into 2018, I was determined to not only set goals for the new year, but actually put work behind them and achieve them. Once I started to not only believe I was capable of my goals, but taking action towards them I would always win by reaching each goal I set for myself.

Hence, how the name Faith Meets Hustle came about! Faith without works is dead. You can believe you can do it! You can believe God will bless you, but if you never put any work in then you will always remain stagnant. James 2:25-26 MSG “Separate faith and works and you get the same thing: a corpse.” Believing and doing is what going to bring you to reaching your full potential and stepping into your greatness.

Love and Blessings,